Dana Wilkey

Dana imagines how she would have reacted to Kim's behavior and finds the irony in Lisa's poor breaking and entering skills.

on Jan 9, 2012

Did anyone find it funny that Kyle didn't say what she thought the truth was to Kim? I did. I was so wishing I had been at that table that night because the amount of times Kyle asked Kim to cough up the truth drove me mad! And just to make it stop, and of course out of genuine concern for Kim, I think I would have finally blurted out my opinion: "Kim do you think maybe all of these things your sister is pointing out that you're missing and your slurred speech could be because of the medication you are taking or the dose level? That's nothing to be ashamed of but it's obvious at this point so let's talk about it so can we help you!" From what I saw of Kim's discussion with Paul at Paul's night of beauty, that seems to be the problem to me.

I was surprised to see that already Kim's relationship had begun the journey down Dysfunctional Lane, as he did seem to enable her odd behavior. I just couldn't help but start to wonder if I had made a bad judgment call on that situation. I really thought they were two eccentric people that seemed happy, but I only met him twice so that wasn't enough to make a call, I guess.

Anyway, I wasn't there enjoying the sun and fun with the girls. I was at home. Initially I was bummed that I wasn't invited to Hawaii, but it turned out to be meant to be.