Dana Wilkey

Dana imagines how she would have reacted to Kim's behavior and finds the irony in Lisa's poor breaking and entering skills.

on Jan 9, 2012

After the White Party, the women had really seemed to turn their back on Taylor, and I wanted her to know I was there and that her friends that were so important to her would come around. I wanted to remind her that their frustration and doubt with her situation would subside. Everyone was acting like as the friends of those caught in the Cycle of Abuse often do, and thank god I knew that so was able to stand by Taylor during this difficult time and not give in to the temptation to give up on her. Her friendship means a lot to me to this day. I will always have her back.

I'll wrap this blog up with this highlight for me on this week's episode: Lisa's butt did in fact get stuck in the balcony because it was too big to fit through the space. I only rejoice in this because of Ken's "chubby" comment. Ken you can suck it!

On that note have a great week, and JC says hi.

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