Kyle Richards

Kyle is convinced that a full moon must have been at play for the beach party to have gone so wrong.

on Dec 8, 2011

My mother-in-law Estella is so happy with her facelift. Paul really did an incredible job. So many women in Beverly Hills look "pulled" but Estella looks very natural. I love Paul and his bedside manner as well. I thought it was so funny that Estella and Paul were both trying to get me to put Botox between my eyebrows. I have done Botox before. I just don't love doing it. It gives me so much anxiety! I'm convinced that God is going to punish me for being vain and my eyeball is going to fall out or something. I am not a fun patient by any means.

On to Malibu -- Brandi had invited us all out to her friend’s house for a "wine tasting" with belly dancing lessons. We were told to "wear wedges, no heels." When we arrived, the girls were already tipsy and having fun. Brandi made a comment about my husband being "super hot" and said how much he loves me. I said in my interview "easy on the hot husband talk" then I hissed like a cat. That is my sense of humor. I was not offended in any way, shape, or form by Brandi's comment. I honestly found it to be a compliment and took it as such.