Kyle Richards

Kyle discusses the bond she has with her fellow 'Wives and hints at what's to come.

on Sep 16, 2011

Well, here we go again. . .

I have missed writing my blogs and hearing your thoughts. As you all know, our cast has been through a very difficult time recently, especially Taylor. Seeing a friend go through something like this is incredibly painful. In Episode 1, we addressed the issue to give you a peek into what we have been feeling since Russell's passing. This show was shot six months ago and so much has changed since then. Right now, the main concern is to be there for Taylor and Kennedy. One can never make sense of something like this. The only hope is that Taylor, Kennedy, and Russell's two sons can heal and see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

This week, the girls and I went off on a trip to Colorado to stay at Camille's house. Reminding all of us that there are many fun times we share this season. We have all had our moments with one another, and I am sure we will continue to do so, but we really do enjoy each other’s company. The six of us have formed an indescribable bond. We may not always agree, we may fight at times, but when things get rough, we come together. Okay, maybe it took a while for Camille and me to "come together," but we have. We know each other better now. We are still very different, as we all are, but before, it really was not knowing each other well enough and jumping to conclusions.