Kyle Richards

Kyle discusses Kim's medication, excuses for missing the seance, and her thoughts on Kim's relationship.

on Nov 8, 2011

Paul's Night Of Beauty. . .I had been asking Paul about my "love handles" for quite some time. I'm not willing to be put under to get rid of them because that scares me, so this seemed like the perfect alternative -- as it was non-invasive. For the record, my hand was strategically placed (not going to lie) so the cameras and Paul could not see exactly what it looked like. In person they are far worse. Promise. My husband keeps telling me he likes them and I am not allowed to touch them. I am very grateful that I have a husband that doesn't find looking too thin attractive. Phew! I have to say, I can't give a real assessment of how it worked because I was too busy to keep going back. I am going to give it another shot though.

You saw Lisa, Adrienne, and me in the waiting room discussing Taylor and Russell. I didn't know why Lisa was making a point to say Camille wasn't friends with Taylor. I knew that wasn't true and was trying to figure out why she said that. All of us are friends. Some of us closer than others, but we are all friends with each other.

I am happy they showed Kim discussing with Paul the medication's she has been taking. I think that clears things up for some people. I didn't know exactly what she was taking, but I knew that the doctors had put her on something and I saw a difference in here -- and not always for the best. That is why I got so upset with Brandi for making that comment about Kim and crystal meth. I knew because she said that on camera millions of people would see that. I know from experience, once something is said on camera, true or false, it follows you forever. My sister Kim has struggled enough with her issues. I didn't want that to set her back. She is a strong girl but fragile at the same time. I told Kim after her visit with Paul that she had to talk to her doctor's and get that sorted out. Paul didn't feel she was on the right medication for her anxiety and didn't think it was the right combination of meds.