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Live and Learn

Kyle discusses the difficulties of navigating Spa Day and her relationships with Kim and Kyle.

Hello everyone! Well, this week we start off watching Lisa try to teach Adrienne how to cook a chicken. It was hilarious to see Adrienne so out of her element. Soap on a chicken? My daughter Alexia asked "What's wrong with that?" I started thinking maybe it wasn't that bad of an idea after all. When Lisa called to tell me that I laughed so hard! Now I may just have to try it.

Watching Lisa walk through Mohamed's home is truly jaw dropping. There are many incredible homes in Los Angeles, but Mohamed's really does take the cake. Whenever I am there I think to myself "Would you just lay around in your sweatpants in this house?" I feel like you'd have to get dressed up just to get your coffee in the morning! It's spectacular, and I think you will enjoy the episode with Pandora's engagement party.

When Adrienne invited all the girls to Spa Day at her house I was excited. I know she has state-of-the-art equipment and I was looking forward to trying it out. Adrienne went above and beyond as a hostess. The food and treatments were incredible. That machine really did make a difference with my skin too.

Now on to the rest of the day. . .I always struggle with explaining my relationship with my sister Kim. I am not sure why I am not always able to be myself when I am around her. I now observe our relationship as though I am an outsider when I watch the show. I can see that I am extremely uncomfortable . When my sister says something that makes me uncomfortable, I laugh. I guess it's nervous laughter. I feel very badly about what happened on Game Night. I made a lot of mistakes. In addition to that, I think I would have stood by my sister no matter what she said or did at that point in our relationship. I have had many people Tweet me saying they couldn't believe I hid Brandi's crutches. Anyone who saw the show knows that it was Kim who said she hid Brandi's crutches (on Game Night, Kim told me she had put them back when I asked her what she did with them). As a sister, I guess I am immediately guilty by association -- which, I think is why I get so nervous.

I felt so torn on Spa Day. I wanted to talk to Brandi and be able to get past all this, but I was worried Kim would be angry with me. I was right. Kim was angry with me. I have struggled to piece our relationship back together for so long now, and I am afraid to rock the boat. I felt I was in a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation. I'm not making excuses, I'm just giving you some insight as to where my mind was.

On Game NIght, I was told Brandi had questioned Kim's behavior to Camille when we had stepped away. That is what I was referring to when I talked to Brandi on Spa Day. I understand Kim being upset by Brandi's accusations, but we all made mistakes that night. I know, I personally am full of regret. A lot of you have asked me if I apologized to Brandi. The answer is yes, I have. You will see how it plays out. . .

I am an honest person. I whole heartedly admit I was wrong on Game Night. Which is why, I have to admit, that I was disappointed seeing Camille say she knows what it's like to be the "target." In Season 1 with Camille, I was strictly defending myself and telling the truth. If I remember correctly, I was the "target" at the Dinner Party From Hell. Of course, I could have handled things differently, but I stand by everything I said.

Thanks for watching!

Until next week....XO, Kyle

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