Kyle Richards

Kyle thanks the fans for supporting her and her sister during this trying season.

on Feb 16, 2012

The end has come. It has been such a difficult year. I can't say I'm sad that it's over. Having the husbands come in after hearing Taylor discuss her rocky marriage was a welcome break. I love all these guys -- especially Mauricio, of course -- but all of them are kind, fun, and just overall great guys. Adrienne, Lisa, and I are so fortunate.

I was absolutely shocked when they showed my husband's butt!!! We were having massages in Hawaii when we shot that part. I remember that I saw his towel slip down and said "Oops, oh well, they won't use that." HAHA! It was so funny to see his face too! Later he said to me, "I am never going to hear the end of this from the guys on the golf course." I have to say, it did look cute.

Like Andy said, my sister Kim had been in rehab during the shooting of the reunion. Although it was technically only a day before she completed her rehabilitation, she would not leave early. I was so proud of her, not only because she went to rehab, but she went during the holidays which I know was so difficult. We all knew it would be our first Christmas apart from her and it was sad for all of us.