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Tiny But Mighty

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Lisa R Reflects on That Bittersweet Episode

Tiny But Mighty

Kyle shares her thoughts on the "tiny, but mighty" Adrienne and on new girl Brandi.

Welcome back!

This week we watch Adrienne going to Sacramento with Paul, Kim, and Johnny (Adrienne's bodyguard). I know how passionate Adrienne is about her team so I really felt for her. Making such a big decision as moving her team is very difficult. Seeing her cry made me tear up. It entertains me to see that this "tiny but mighty" woman is the owner of the team. I know Adrienne and Paul bicker, but they love and care about each other. I know Paul was concerned and looking out for Adrienne's safety.

Taylor came to me about a story that was leaked about her in the tabloids and on the internet. It was very personal information, which made it strange. However, I know that Lisa had nothing to do with this. It can be very difficult trying to figure out who leaks stories. For the person being targeted, it can be very frustrating -- leading you to consider everyone you know and becoming very distrusting. I feel bad that Lisa's name was dragged into this because I know that hurt her.

Also, in this week's episode I throw a fundraiser for the Lollipop Theater Network, an organization that is dedicated to bringing movies (that are currently in theaters) to children confined to a hospital due to a life threatening illness. As a mother and someone who has lost so many family members to cancer, it is important to me to bring awareness to such important causes. I had just moved into my home and my life was quite disorganized during this time. We were living in a construction zone and boxes everywhere. There was a deadline for the event, as the annual party they hold was right around the corner. All in all I am happy with the way it turned out. I wish I could have raised more money, but I don't feel comfortable asking people for money during these stressful economic times. Yes, I have many friends that have plenty of money but I also have friends that are going through a hard time financially. The goal was just as much about bringing awareness to the cause as it was about raising funds.

All of us were taken aback when Adrienne and Paul showed up with Brandi to my cocktail party. We had all seen the pictures of Brandi with Cedric on the internet and tabloids and felt like she had ulterior motives. All of us were feeling a little defensive -- especially, Lisa and me. Lisa and I are very close, so I felt protective because I knew that this was an uncomfortable moment for her.

I had to laugh at Brandi having broken her foot from wearing high heels, then having a cast and crutches and still wearing 1 high heel. Although I joked about it, I have to say I would probably do the same!! I am 5'3" and she's probably 5'11", so it made it all the more funny to me. When you see the girls and me laughing in the booth, although not my brightest moment, keep in mind that she could not hear us. Not that it makes it any better! I don't know Brandi at all. I have heard the stories of her legal problems with her ex-husband and rumors of her slashing his tires. Although, I am not one to believe rumors, hearing these things coupled with her being friends with Cedric, didn't exactly make me want to jump up and embrace her.

We did all have fun at my fundraiser. I am grateful to my friends for showing up and supporting one of my charities. Thanks for watching!

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