Kyle Richards

Kyle shares her thoughts on the "tiny, but mighty" Adrienne and on new girl Brandi.

on Sep 26, 2011

Welcome back!

This week we watch Adrienne going to Sacramento with Paul, Kim, and Johnny (Adrienne's bodyguard). I know how passionate Adrienne is about her team so I really felt for her. Making such a big decision as moving her team is very difficult. Seeing her cry made me tear up. It entertains me to see that this "tiny but mighty" woman is the owner of the team. I know Adrienne and Paul bicker, but they love and care about each other. I know Paul was concerned and looking out for Adrienne's safety.

Taylor came to me about a story that was leaked about her in the tabloids and on the internet. It was very personal information, which made it strange. However, I know that Lisa had nothing to do with this. It can be very difficult trying to figure out who leaks stories. For the person being targeted, it can be very frustrating -- leading you to consider everyone you know and becoming very distrusting. I feel bad that Lisa's name was dragged into this because I know that hurt her.