Kyle Richards

Kyle shares her thoughts on the "tiny, but mighty" Adrienne and on new girl Brandi.

on Sep 26, 2011

I had to laugh at Brandi having broken her foot from wearing high heels, then having a cast and crutches and still wearing 1 high heel. Although I joked about it, I have to say I would probably do the same!! I am 5'3" and she's probably 5'11", so it made it all the more funny to me. When you see the girls and me laughing in the booth, although not my brightest moment, keep in mind that she could not hear us. Not that it makes it any better! I don't know Brandi at all. I have heard the stories of her legal problems with her ex-husband and rumors of her slashing his tires. Although, I am not one to believe rumors, hearing these things coupled with her being friends with Cedric, didn't exactly make me want to jump up and embrace her.

We did all have fun at my fundraiser. I am grateful to my friends for showing up and supporting one of my charities. Thanks for watching!

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