Kyle Richards

Kyle explains why she was so defensive at Game Night and why this episode was so tough to watch.

on Oct 10, 2011

When we were playing the game "Celebrity", I honestly wasn't trying to exclude Brandi from the questions. I just knew the fastest way to get the answer. Since the name on the card happened to be my ex-boyfriend, C. Thomas Howell. I knew Kim could answer that fast if I asked "Who is my ex-boyfriend?" In watching, I see how that came across. It makes me sad because I am not a mean person, neither is my sister Kim, and this whole night felt mean-spirited. I am disappointed in myself that it got so out of hand. If this was typical of my behavior, my husband would never tolerate it. I have always taught my kids to treat people the way they want to be treated. I guess they will be skipping this episode!

When Brandi made the accusations about my sister, I got really defensive. We have gone through too much, and I couldn't sit there. I do have a lot of fire in me and could use some lessons on how to handle things more calmly. But accusing someone of doing "drugs"?! My sister is not on drugs.

I had to laugh when in the midst of all this fighting, Dana yells out "Kyle, make it stop!" in regards to Brandi. Have we all gone mad!?!

I also want to say that I actually did offer to help Brandi down the steps when we first arrived. Dana ended up helping her down.

It was a welcome relief to see Jason and Pandora telling Lisa that they are getting married. They are such a beautiful couple. I know Lisa has been waiting for this day for a long time. In watching the episode I was thinking, “Why couldn't I have been there instead of at Game Night!?!”

Well, next week the drama continues. . .

Until then. . ..

XO, Kyle

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