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Fiercely Loyal

Lisa explains why she's glad she missed Adrienne's bbq and what she expects from her friends.

Hello to you all. Here we go again!

One of the most positive things about reality television is the incredible chances that sometimes come your way, opportunities that are thrust upon you that otherwise you could only have dreamed of. Unreachable goals like writing my book and narrating the royal wedding for CNN are things that two years ago would have been unattainable. So I was presented with this unique chance, I have to admit I was a tad hesitant.

Now, as I remarked I was well aware that this had the distinct possibility of going horribly wrong, in front of millions, but I plucked up the courage and decided to accept. And it proved to be an amazing experience. . .albeit at times a little scary. But fifteen shows altogether and no regrets. I often think if something scares or intimidates you then it is often worth doing. Even if you make a complete ass of yourself -- it makes you stronger.

Anyway back to our reality. Seeing the barbecue at Adrienne's I was sure glad I missed it. Dana, with her million dollar sunglasses, I personally find off putting. Who says that? Sorry but it's disgusting. I think one of the prerequisites in this arena is honesty. I have no desire to invest in that nonsense, regardless of Kyle once again saying how nice they are. I see it for what it is.

Kyle and I have had a few disagreements about this sort of thing. I have to stand by what I believe in. I was so overwhelmed by everything I had going on in my life I really wanted to only spend time with people I loved.

We had dinner and, once again, I found myself defending my attitude towards Taylor. I have always maintained that "I wasn't masquerading as her best friend," which is so vastly different than saying "I am not your friend." Even one word can change the meaning of a sentence, and I was sick of arguing about it. I knew that Taylor was going through a difficult time -- so I always told her if she needed help to I was there. I told her that very early on. I suspected she was bad mouthing me to Kyle, but to what extent I wasn't sure. I just knew her situation was precarious, therefore I tried to help.

I am fiercely loyal. Even when I wasn't sure what had transpired between Camille and Kyle the year previously, I knew as her friend my job was to defend her. That is how I honestly feel, and in this forum when you see the actions of others you are often disappointed.

Anyway our journey continues. As we lead you the viewer through this jungle of emotions, I ask you to stay with us and voice your opinions.

Thank you for watching, commenting, and supporting.

Love always,