Lisa Vanderpump

After watching this week's episode, Lisa isn't so sure the tag of bully fits her.

on Nov 12, 2011

I am sorry to all of you for missing my blog last week. I was moving house and was immersed in what seemed at the time to be an insurmountable muddle!

This week we find ourselves at Paul's night of beauty. I went to join in but was working shortly after so decided not to indulge. Also, as most of you know, three years ago I partnered up with Dr Simon Ourian in a skincare line, so any tweaking to my face (Botox for example) is done by him!

I was saddened as I observed the conversation between Kyle and Taylor. It is very strange to watch the story unfold. As we see each episode, pieces of the puzzle slowly fall into place. I realize now that loyalty is a rare commodity!

I have always been honest with the fact that I was not particularly enamored with Taylor, but I still cared for her welfare. I knew she had difficulties in her marriage. That is why I always maintained, as I lived in a secure environment, that if she ever needed me, day or night, my home was open. I knew she was close with Kyle and wondered if she would try to create problems between us. The tabloid story I was accused of giving to US Weekly was another insult. You the viewer witnessed my confusion at Paul's office. I naively asked Kyle if she had any clue about or if she could possibly shed some light on the bizarre email Russell had sent me. Now remember, at that time I was not privy to the meetings and dinner that you the viewers have now seen. In retrospect, it's slightly humiliating as I questioned Kyle and Taylor totally unaware of their previous conversations. Personally if the roles had been reversed, I would have given Kyle the heads up.