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Integrity is Rare

After watching this week's episode, Lisa isn't so sure the tag of bully fits her.

I am sorry to all of you for missing my blog last week. I was moving house and was immersed in what seemed at the time to be an insurmountable muddle!

This week we find ourselves at Paul's night of beauty. I went to join in but was working shortly after so decided not to indulge. Also, as most of you know, three years ago I partnered up with Dr Simon Ourian in a skincare line, so any tweaking to my face (Botox for example) is done by him!

I was saddened as I observed the conversation between Kyle and Taylor. It is very strange to watch the story unfold. As we see each episode, pieces of the puzzle slowly fall into place. I realize now that loyalty is a rare commodity!

I have always been honest with the fact that I was not particularly enamored with Taylor, but I still cared for her welfare. I knew she had difficulties in her marriage. That is why I always maintained, as I lived in a secure environment, that if she ever needed me, day or night, my home was open. I knew she was close with Kyle and wondered if she would try to create problems between us. The tabloid story I was accused of giving to US Weekly was another insult. You the viewer witnessed my confusion at Paul's office. I naively asked Kyle if she had any clue about or if she could possibly shed some light on the bizarre email Russell had sent me. Now remember, at that time I was not privy to the meetings and dinner that you the viewers have now seen. In retrospect, it's slightly humiliating as I questioned Kyle and Taylor totally unaware of their previous conversations. Personally if the roles had been reversed, I would have given Kyle the heads up.So it begs the question....Why would I give my friend, who is the west coast editor of US Weekly a story that we all knew to be a lie? The magazine, my friend, and I would have all looked stupid. I hate the fact that I have to defend myself against some vindictive accusation. What also irks me is the fact that my friend, the editor, knows the source and can't, because of journalistic principles, reveal who the troublemaker is. . .even to me. However, since then she can and has sworn to Kyle that I had absolutely no involvement. I just resent the fact that people can invent something and suddenly the integrity that you have worked so hard for is in question. It's one of the challenges of being on a reality show.

I was so overwhelmed with opening and designing my new restaurant, planning my daughter's wedding, writing my book, and still trying to focus on my existing businesses that I hadn't had time to socialize as much as the others.

I have seen just in the last few weeks how Kyle and Taylor had gotten together, and I had been the topic of a negative conversation. Hurtful, yes, but I didn't know it at the time. I have always defended Kyle, sometimes to my detriment. I’ve loved her, tried to understand her, and been supportive with hours of conversation, through several altercations. Then to witness her say "I prey on the weak," which would imply bullying, was very upsetting and insulting. I just don't understand it...

This show is accurate in its portrayal of us. They shoot enough footage and we interact so intensely that you have a very clear picture of who we are, who is insecure, who is aggressive, who sees the funny side, and, quite honestly, who isn't coping. I don't think the nametag of bully really has ever or would ever belong to me. You can accuse me of a lot of things but not that one...keep trying. I've come to realize there's no point in taking a cheap shot back because it's not what others think of you that's important...truly it's what you think of yourself.

Lisa V.: I Needed an Uncomplicated Friendship

Lisa explains why she invited Lisa Rinna to Palm Springs and her hesitation to invite Max's girlfriend.

Hellooo to all of you. It is such a busy time of year. I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off! I am sure you are all juggling, too.

So as we settle down and watch this week, I realize why I truly enjoyed this episode as it was one that validates my choice to have been immersed in the crazy world of reality, a documentation of some of the most important and poignant moments of my life. Receiving the star was most definitely one of them. A moment when time stands still and you listen to words of appreciation and support from your loved ones, people that took the time to travel two hours and stand in 115 degree heat was something I didn't take for granted. Their personal journeys that they relayed at dinner made me reflect on why I have stood vociferously in their corner for many years.

I was fortunate enough to have been raised without prejudice of any kind, and I believe my role as a heterosexual woman is an important voice and ally to the gay community.

It really was such an honor to be awarded with the Star on the Walk of Stars. Palm Springs has been so good to me. I have received the Icon award, the key to the city, and the grand marshal of the Christmas parade, and it is mostly due to my indomitable support of the gay community over the years. It is a city where people can safely walk hand in hand, regardless of their sexual preference, and for that, I am thankful. That is a city and a world I would like to live in.

My reticence to have Max's girlfriend come and spend the couple of days with us was one I question: Should I have invited her? The rest of the family were adamant that it was too early. It was a relationship I was most certainly not familiar with and was hardly encouraging as she was thirteen years older than him and worked for me at SUR. I felt her life was in a very different place to his and did not want to encourage that. However, she spent the weekend with us in Palm Springs this weekend and their rocky relationship, one that has been confusing to him and has continued, so time will tell, but it has come to a place where if I want to stay close to my son, I have to accept it.

So back to the matter at hand...

I often find that the way you feel about a friend is largely dependent on how they make you feel. 

Lisa Vanderpump

This was quite early in the season, and I had barely interacted with any of the women: briefly at the white party, a couple of lunches, that was it. So the decision to invite Lisa Rinna was an obvious one. We had seen each other for lunch, Harry was out of town with the girls, and she was, as always, her supportive, enthusiastic self, and I loved having her by my side. I often find that the way you feel about a friend is largely dependent on how they make you feel. Well Miss Rinna is a wonderfully positive person, and I needed an uncomplicated friendship at a time that was, in all honesty, a little daunting and somewhat overwhelming.

Seeing Yolanda struggle to come to terms with Bella's DUI was understandable. I felt for her as the severity of the situation really outweighs the action. It is a careless action often with dire consequences, and I know that a lesson was well learnt from that experience, but then couple it with the history of losing your father at a tender age has to be even more emotionally challenging. It tugged at my heart strings as she tried to hold it together.

Kim's daughter Brooke getting married was a lovely moment to savor, and I totally understood feelings of pride and joy as she relinquished her daughter to the arms of her chosen man, but luckily for Kim as not so often with others, she adores him.

The importance of that relationship as two families intertwine is paramount. We were so lucky with Jason, and I appreciate that every time we are all together, I gained a son.

Happy to see Eileen integrating into the cast. I have such admiration for the dedication to her work. Fifty pages a day! Can hardly remember my own name some days...

Anyway, this episode has such a feel-good factor, I hope you enjoy it before the fireworks start!
As always, Love, Lisa.

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