Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa explains her relationship with Taylor, Ken's comments, and the trip to Colorado.

on Sep 16, 2011

Well hello and welcome to Season 2.

There are no words that can diminish the pain and devastation felt by the entire cast after the tragic death of Russell Armstrong. The unexpected shock thrust upon us just as we were reaching the finishing post of Season 2, the exhausting journey that we had muddled through, many times at odds with each other, but ultimately an unspoken, unanimous bond that tethered us together, as we navigated our way through the troubled waters of this really, real reality show.

I personally was at a loss for words. How could this have happened? How could we have foreseen this tragedy that would leave a trail of emotional and financial debris in its path?

Fatherless children, Taylor -- although recently separated, but still connected to a man with whom she had spent many years and bore his child, uncertain of her future and emotionally overwrought at the sheer brutality at which he chose to end his life.