Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa shares her emotions immediately after the tea party and her conflicted feelings leading up to it.

on Nov 17, 2011

As I watch the footage, I now reflect that her anger and frustration were largely based on her insecurities. Her prior mean conversations with Kyle about me were am attempt to discredit me – talk of tabloid stories, saying I "prey on the weak" and "don't take criticism well." Even though I hadn't heard that at the time, I felt I took the charges reasonably well, as I was criticized and berated in my own home in front of millions with not a friend to back me.

We all navigate our way through a minefield of choices, never really knowing whether the decision we make made -- that could ultimately change the path that our life will take was the right one. Just be bloody sure that you realize that when you open one door another one slams shut behind you.

It's difficult to understand now, because you as the viewer are at a different place than I was. Our stories have progressed, and my heart goes out to Taylor regarding her situation.

So I thank you all for your overwhelming support, which I needed as I felt completely devastated after watching this episode. . .

We are all a product of our environment. We are not born with thick skin. Life gives us that, and mine, after witnessing so many things this season, is justifiably thicker. . .

Love always