Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa celebrates the good times of Hawaii and discusses Taylor's shocking news.

on Jan 3, 2012

The therapy scene spoke volumes to me -- the gently probing Dr. Sophy, Russell's reticence to engage, and his mentioning that respect goes a long way, but also acknowledging his anger issues. It was an extremely complicated situation that ended in tragedy. My heart goes out to his family and cannot imagine how difficult this has been for them to endure.

Anyway on a much lighter note, off we go to Hawaii for a brief respite from all the demands that I was dealing with -- my Sur project, my daughter's wedding, businesses. Ugh, I needed a few days to regroup with my husband.

We had so much fun. I felt this episode of us all together recaptured much of the tone from last year. I love to see the funny side, and Brandi was the perfect foil for my humor. She was playfully trying to wind me up, flirting with Ken, and really it was a much welcomed reprieve from all the drama we had endured. . .But it would be foolish for you to think that there was a remote possibility of this group managing to spend three days together without some sort of altercation. . .