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Mystery Date

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Kyle: I Have Never Had Anyone Put a Hand on Me

Lisa V.: I Tried to Warn Kyle

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Lisa R.: Kyle Didn't Create This Drama

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Mystery Date

Episode 19:'s Associate Editor tries to make sense of the many interlopers at Lisa's opening of Sur Lounge.

Aloha again RHOBH fans. We've returned from the islands and are heading straight to a shindig. The much ballyhooed opening of Lisa's expanded SUR Lounge. As promised all will be revealed this week -- all being what Sur stands for. Oh and also, Kim will confess something to Kyle, Taylor will confront the ladies about her split with Russell and a veritable host of oddball guests will arrive at the restaurant. And we’re off. . .

Her Lips Are Sealed
I have a very, very important question: Who is sneaking sex toys into Kim Richards' drawers? Who is going to our precious Kimberly's house and tucking "light up lip glosses" between layers of her folded shirts and socks?

Besides the surely well-meaning vibrator burglar, all is not well in Kimsville. She confides to her makeup artist that her relationship with Ken is becoming a struggle, mentioning that "it's the little things." "I like a Starbucks. He goes and gets me the one in the bottle. I like pepperoni pizza. He orders one with ham and sausage." Those might not sound like deal-breakers ladies, but as we see later, it might be the bigger things too -- bigger even than the trash Kim finds in the limo.

Sexy, Unique, Restaurant
Welp! It’s been revealed. Lisa's latest venture is a Sexy Unique Restaurant -- and sexy indeed considering the guest list. You've got Brandi, towering roughly four feet above her new "boyfriend" Ken Todd. (Classic Vanderpump line: Ken: "I'm too short for her." Lisa: "And too married for her." J'adore this little trio.) Adrienne arrives, looking very chic in a gold lamé. And then Bernie! Unfortunately for Bernie, his hatred of Lisa is only going to deepen, as the Pump totally blanked on how she knew him. Watch what you eat at the Maloof residence now, Lisa!

At this point you were probably thinking, "Oh exciting. This party is already filled with arrival drama." JUST WAIT. Roughly two seconds later, we find out that one of the waitresses maybe had an affair with Brandi's ex-husband. Lisa, wanting to keep things as drama-free as possible, ejects said waitress, which was a sweet move. Not sweet for Sheena, the waitress who must put down her tray and quickly vanish in the night, but sweet for Brandi. Look at these two building their friendship even more.

What mystery guest is next you say? RuPaul discussing clothes with Mr. Nassif (“You're born naked and the rest is drag." Honey, you speak the truth). That's a good one, but here's a better one -- Cedric's here.

I love that Cedric tries to use "this is not the time or the place" line on Lisa when he's at her party. You brought the ruckus to this party. It was unreal how Cedric behaved as if nothing has happened. And therefore completely understandable that Ken brought the muscle and got him out of there. Kudos to Ken!

And the final mystery guest: Paul's ex-girlfriend! Have we ever seen the Maloof so rattled? One has to wonder what sort of gravitational pull Sur has on Beverly Hills. It managed to reel in all the crazies.

Meeting in the Ladies' Room
Finally Kim arrives, and she’s a touch frantic. After a very disheartening bathroom tete-a-tete, Adrienne encourages Kim and Kyle to have a sit-down outside. Then Kim admits her Ken's not exactly the greatest. 

As sad as it was to watch Kim and Kyle hash out their issues felt like the road to healing. Thankfully for Kim, her pregnancy scare was more of a Ramona Singer situation, and now she's free to travel all she wants or get a dog, whichever works.

Making Amends
Also making a later entrance is Taylor who arrives with Dr. Charles Sophy to help her fully explain to the ladies her current situation and how sorry she is for what she put them through, Camille in particular.

It was really sweet to see the ladies coming together for Taylor in her time of need (all their blinged out-hands clasping was a great touch). Isn't the world a better place when the 'Wives are all united?

Next week, the big event is finally here: Pandora's wedding! Will Kevin make it as fab-u-lous as we hoped? Can you believe this season is almost nearly through? Also, leave your favorite Sur surprise guest in the comments.

Kyle: I Have Never Had Anyone Put a Hand on Me

Kyle explains what worried her most the night of the poker party.

Wow, this is a difficult blog to write. This was a horrible night made all the worse by Brandi's behavior. When I walked outside, I wanted to talk to my sister without anyone else around. I tried to walk Kim away from the cameras, as well as Brandi. Brandi was relentless. I asked her over and over again to leave us alone and let me speak with my sister privately. As Kim and I were standing by the garage trying to speak in private, Brandi grabbed both of my wrists and would not let go. I was shocked. I have never had anyone put a hand on me and honestly started to feel scared. I don't want to be overly dramatic about the situation, but Brandi is 5'10" and I am 5'2", and at this point I did not know what she was capable of, especially because she was intoxicated and aggressive.

I took off my shoes, so I could get out of there as quickly as possible. I want to say that while the physical part of this evening was very upsetting, it paled in comparison to my concern for my sister. What Brandi is so clearly trying to do to my relationship with my sister is what was upsetting me the most. We had worked so hard on our relationship and had come so far, and to see this happening had me overcome with emotion.

I just hope that Kim can see what we all saw so clearly...that Brandi's actions speak louder than any of her venomous lies.

Kyle Richards

Brandi keeps saying I'm jealous of how close they are and how she's been there for Kim. I never realized they were as close as Brandi claims, and I never knew Brandi to be there for Kim other than taking that one call that she talked about in her interview. Brandi did call me to say that Kim had called her at 2 AM in the morning. She asked me to please not repeat it, and I never did. But she went on camera letting everyone know about it. Why would she repeat that? I also never said "That's not my problem, that's just Kim." I had my hands tied as I was asked to please not repeat that this information was shared with me . Other than Brandi telling me about this one call, I have never gotten any late night calls or any signs of my sister not being OK or in danger in any way. If there was something I should have been there for, I certainly had no idea. Perhaps my sister chose not to share with me and felt comfortable sharing with Brandi. I cannot be there for something I am unaware of. If I knew of something that Kim needed me for, I would be there as I always have. There are years of history there that Brandi is not privy to, and I will never share, no matter how many hurtful lies she hurls my way.
When I watch Brandi with Kim, I see someone who is taking advantage of my sister at her most vulnerable. It's frustrating, worrisome, and hurtful that my sister cannot see this. Why does Brandi want Kim to feel that she is the only one there for her? We come from a big family that my sister has plenty of support from. People who genuinely love and care for her. Not to mention that Kim has four adult children that love and support their mom.
As I walked away from this night, I knew I would never be friends with Brandi and was scared of just how much damage she had done to my relationship with Kim. I just hope that Kim can see what we all saw so clearly...that Brandi's actions speak louder than any of her venomous lies.
Thanks for watching.

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