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The 'Wives Wore White

Episode 16:'s Associate Editor uses Giggy's shoulder to cry on amidst all the drama.

Hello BHers,

It's White Party time, but despite the bright and light dress code, things got a bit tense. Let's recap, shall we?

And the Band Played On
Sweet, wonderful Kevin. Every time you and your ascot appear, I'm guaranteed more greatness will flow forth from your mouth, more splendid visions will arrive at your hands, extra greatness will ensue in your presence.

And disappoint you did not, by bringing what will perhaps be the largest band to ever play in Lisa's living room (I say "perhaps" because I can't guarantee that The Polyphonic Spree won't drop by later in the season.) But it's not the size of the ensemble that matters, it's the motion of the Giggy. Yes, as the band grooved, Lisa rocked Giggy in three-quarter time to the music. Jason and Pandora cut a rug, and even Kevin himself got in on the action, giving Lisa a little twirl. Then the band brought it home with a sad song that reduced the Pump to tears and Giggy clutching. It was so sad-orable. Even Kevin gave the Gigster a little peck because the music moved him so. I'm not saying I also whipped my eyes on someone else's cardigan, but I'm not saying I didn't pull a Lisa and use someone else's outwear as a hankie either.

White Out
Back from Vegas, the ladies are dealing with a different kind of hangover. Russell sent Camille an email telling her that he could sue her for the comments she made at the tea party and Adrienne wonders if perhaps everyone else is next, since the other gals also repeated Camille's sentiments.

Not exactly the sort of thing to get you pumped for a party. . .

But prep for the party Kyle must. As the flowers, delightful sofas, and what not arrive Mauricio toddles around barefoot (precious) and Adrienne breaks the big news to Kyle. . .

Folks start flowing in however (as do the trays of champagne). Camille has on an especially fierce coat. Chandeliers are hung carefully (lest a Phantom of the Opera situation ensure). Lisa and Adrienne arrive and the ladies discuss what's to be done. After much caterwauling, the ladies decide that it would be better for everyone's sake if Taylor and Russell do not attend the party.

And so after some discussion outside, Taylor and Russell speed away from the shindig, leaving surely a aftermath of hurt feelings in their wake.

Kim Richards: Contagion
Perhaps it wasn't Gwyneth Paltrow's character spreading that mysterious disease after all? Maybe it was Kim Richards jokingly coughing all over the White Party? #conspiracytheory

Anyway, Kim arrives looking great, with her gent in tow, but even the happy times aren't enough to get her on Team Brandi.

At least Kim cleared the air on what’s going on with her boobs. . .

You’ll have to spend the holidays pondering how the white party finishes up, but take heart! You will be rewarded in 2012 with the women taking a trip to Hawaii, which features Brandi perhaps getting too flirtatious with Mr. Todd. Have a happy holiday everyone and we'll be back 'capping in the new year.

Eileen: I Could Feel the Tension at Kyle's

Eileen weighs in on the tension at Kyle's and shares what she thought of the ladies right out of the gate.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I really enjoyed seeing Lisa R at home with her girls. You gotta love teenagers, right? I totally related to her situation with her parents. My mom is 92 and was my best friend my entire life. It's been so hard to not have her as my parent anymore. I have become hers, as dementia has slowly crept into her mind. I never feel like I see her enough. Vincent and I would have her come live with us but our family decided the move away from her home 3 hours away would probably kill her. Thank God my brother is living with her. It helps to know that he's there but I still feel guilty and sad not to be able to see her more. It was nice to meet Lisa R's sister and parents. What an amazing artist her father was! I had no idea.

Yolanda is so down to earth and lovely. The real thing. I liked her immediately.

At Lisa V's, her swan attacked Ken. Hmmmmmmmm. I've been attacked by a swan before. I've got my eye on them! and their "feather diapered bottoms"! Hahaha.

It was so great to finally meet all the girls and their husbands. They are very interesting and dynamic people, right out of the gate. Kyle's home is beautiful and very warm and welcoming. I could tell that there was a lot of tension and lots of unresolved stuff going on. It was somewhat confusing because I didn't know all the backstory. Still, Vincent and I had fun sharing stories about "the business" with Kim, etc. And it was a great opportunity to have gotten to know the women better. Well, Brandi a little better than the others! LOL. I thought she was funny and definitely likes to lay it on the table. So to speak.

Merry Christmas and Joyous Holidays to you all!.