Troupe Beverly Hills

Episode 12:'s Associate Editor thinks every day is a birthday with Ace Young and the 'Wives.

Nov 21, 2011

"I don't really want to see the Chipmunks in action -- I might never come back"
Raise your hand if you want Lisa to attend your Vegas bachelorette trip. Yup, exactly as I imagined -- that's all of you. Of course, Pandora was insistent that her mother attend. Personally, I would want Lisa to come so Giggy would show up as well. Can you imagine the fun you could have with him in a casino? You could use his tiny paws to roll dice or pull down slots. And in more salacious moments, you could have him carry the dollar bills straight to the strippers. Frankly I'm unsure how anyone ever goes on trips to Vegas without Lisa and Giggy. Why bother!?!

However, there's something odd about a Vegas trip sans Adrienne "Las" Maloof. Call me Allison DuBois, but I sense that this will become an issue.

Besides the bachelorette extravaganza, Lisa and Pandora and Jason are busy picking out invitations for the big day. And since this is an understated affair, they are going to go with something simple -- like a scroll or a box covered in roses. Yes, make that 187 understated boxes valued at $150 each covered in roses. . .

My personal favorite part of this decision making process was Lisa telling Kevin to back off, because "it's her day." Is it?

Whoever's day it might be, flowers and diamonds and "wow" factor (the invitees must yell, "Wow" upon receiving the invite or it's a failure, as Kevin stressed) are required. Plus those invites are a pun. How can you resist a pun? Panodra's Box. Har, har.