Troupe Beverly Hills

Episode 18:'s Associate Editor ponders love, cheese, and burglary.

Jan 9, 2012

Aloha Beverly Hills fans! Welcome back to paradise. However that jubilant feeling only lasted until Kyle heard the footsteps of her fellow Richards tootling down the hallway into the room next door. Let's recap shall we. . .

Paul and Adrienne 4-EVA
We rarely get to see the Bickersons acting as lovebirds but the island air seemed to work for them. Suddenly it was all fitness gear and romance as the precious couple wandered the island trails, with Paul butchering the Hawaiian language along the way.

I will say that Paul might be a phenomenal doctor, but he doesn't seem to be much of a herpetologist (His belief that the trail is snake-free because it's "a small trail" is not going to cut it with me. I have heard no proof to the fact that snakes are sizeists. Also, rattlesnakes are just one type of snake. Call me Indiana Jones, but I'm not taking any chances when it comes to these guys).

In the end, Adrienne said she could only stand romance in 10-minute increments, so Paul had to carpe de minutes while he could. Hence when the gang prodded him and Ms. Maloof to kiss after his toast, he kissed her. And if they haven't held hands in a while, this definitely got them back on that level.

I personally disagree with Brandi’s thoughts on the Nassif/Maloof freak number, but I do think they do more smooching than they might let on. You're not fooling me, kiddos. You can also call me Elton John, because I certainly felt the love that night.