Troupe Beverly Hills

Episode 18:'s Associate Editor ponders love, cheese, and burglary.

Jan 9, 2012

After that fact finding mission failed, Kyle was forced to do even more detective work when Kim was late for the boat. And so she and Lisa took full advantage of the proximity between the Richards sisters' rooms with a little recon. . .albeit one that could have used a better up and over system.

Oh, Lisa. You're good at so many things, but your climbing skills leave a little to be desired. If Giggy had been there, you probably could have sent him over as spy and saved yourself from getting trapped on the stucco wall. This is why you can't leave home without him (also because of he would have so many great Hawaiian outfits. Giggy in a grass skirt is a missed opportunity I will not forgive).

In the end, the detective skills were no match for Kim not being able to find the bottom of her bathing suit, and in the end Kim and Ken literally missed the boat (har, har, har). Note this joke went over far less well when Kim used it to try and to lighten the mood.