Troupe Beverly Hills

Episode 18:'s Associate Editor ponders love, cheese, and burglary.

Jan 9, 2012

What's the Frequency Kenneth?
Post-island day and pre-dinner Kim and Ken meet back up with the group. While Paul prods Kim for information about Ken, everything's very sweet. However, Ken's ESP is a little off. He saunters over and tries to shut the chatter down, which isn't exactly the fastest way to win over new friends. I also want to mention that he plays gatekeeper for Kim cheeses, which is either the sweetest thing a boyfriend can do or the creepiest (I would love a man that shielded me from gouda, and it is sort of sweet he remembers that Kim hates brie).

But we move from dairy to eggs, as eventually Kyle takes her "egg beater" persona and "climbs up the tree" (as egg beaters are known to do) of why Kim is late. 

In important life lessons from Housewives, I learned that even if the person you're fighting with is a bad driver (put the cell phone down Kyle!) that's not the best way to diffuse the argument. Also not a great way to smooth the situation over telling the person you don't care. 

And so, Kim and Ken leave without so much as an "aloha," cutting the trip even shorter than their late arrival did.

Next week the castara continues at Lisa's Sur opening, when Kim and Kyle try to have a sit-down and (surprise!) Cedric drops by. And as if you need another reason to watch, you find out what Sur stands for. Don't Google it! Wait until next week's episode and be surprised and until then leave your guesses in the comments.