Troupe Beverly Hills

Episode 17:'s Associate Editor talks tater tots, Aloha wear, and bull mastiffs.

Dec 29, 2011

And we're back. After some holiday-ing and what not, it's finally time to return to the White Party. Yes, time in Beverly Hills has slightly stood still, and we've returned to the aftermath of Kyle asking the Armstrongs to leave. Like Camille, take your coat off and stay a while, we've made arrangements so you can be here -- and we've got a mariachi band dressed in all white to cheer you up.

And the award for most optimistic reaction to the White Party Kerfuffle goes to. . .
Kim Richards, duh. When Lisa explained that Taylor had been denied entrance, she chuckled and retorted "At least it wasn't me this year." God bless you for seeing the bright side Kim Richards.

After the ladies talked out their feelings, the cloud over the party lifted a bit. Brandi and Camille discussed their Vegas makeout -- which surprisingly Paul did not find sexy (someone show that man the tape of them dancing and ask him again). The dancing really got underway -- I've been waiting all season to see Kim do that helicopter thing with her ponytail. In fact, Kim and Ken mugged down a little bit on the dance floor, so take that world. Ms. Richards flaunts your disapproval with dance (as all disapproval should be flaunted).

Best Hawaiian Shirt
Despite Giggy's amazing Hawaiin shirt, he was not packed for the 50th state, which is really a shame. I guess he is sensitive to the sun. Let's just hope he didn't spend the time left alone consulting with Cedric "the life coach." I feel for some reason Cedric would steer him away from wearing such vibrant prints.