Troupe Beverly Hills

Episode 17:'s Associate Editor talks tater tots, Aloha wear, and bull mastiffs.

Dec 29, 2011

Breakfast: The Most Important Meal of the Day
I have to point out a small delightful moment contained in this week's episode. Once the ladies were checked in at the airport, and awaiting the arrival of Ms. Richards they, like any weary traveler, got something to eat.

This was hands down the most food I have ever seen a group of Housewives take down. It was some sort of French fried Festivus. There were loads of tater tots, multiple egg sandwich options, etc., etc. If you have ever said, "Oh those Beverly Hills ladies never eat," here is your proof to the contrary. At one point, Camille was literally wrist-deep into some fries. If you're holidays were anything like mine, you ate a shame meal somewhat similarly, tucked into a pleather seat and dealing with the best your chosen terminal had to offer. Stars, they are  sort of like us. It was the elite travel lounge. But still -- tater tots. You're welcome readers, you now have a great icebreaker for the next time you meet a Housewife ("Adrienne, I love tater tots too!").

Anyway, as it turns out Kim Richards is unable to locate a non-expired driver's license, keys, or her passport. So her little fib about getting her license renewed means that she's not going to make this particular plane out. Sorry Kyle! Kyle instructs her there is a 6 pm option, and immediately regrets that she didn't tell her the flight wasn't at 3 pm. Paul's taking that later flight as well, so at least she has someone to eat tater tots with later.

Then the gang boards the plane, with delicious drinks in tow. Camille mentions a delightful cocktail called "16 ounces of Freedom," but laments she doesn't have the just as enjoyable "8 inches of Freedom" on hand for her arrival. Again, I'm no TSA Agent, so I don't know the regulations on flying with that sort of thing. I instruct you to check the pamphlets in your seatback pockets for more information if you need help understanding her reference.