Troupe Beverly Hills

Episode 17:'s Associate Editor talks tater tots, Aloha wear, and bull mastiffs.

Dec 29, 2011

The Plane, The Plane, or The Can, The Can
On leg two of the travel, the gang transfers to their second plane, which may or may not be a shop vac.

Teensy is the ideal adjective here. Once on "teensy" Brandi explains her typical pre-flight diet. While she can no longer "roofie" herself, she can take a Xanax, prop up her cankle and hope for the best. Kyle follows her patented game plan of holding her copy of the Zohar and freaking the F out.

Once they've safely sailed the soup can to the ground, the gang changes to automobiles and finally loads up on a bus to the beach, or as Brandi calls, it "C--k and Beach." Yes, she's really racked up the frequent flyer miles with her in-flight cocktail and is feeling divine. Divine like making sweeping generalizations about the member sizes of men who drive red Ferraris -- including Adrienne's brother. Sorry men of America who drive red Ferraris, Brandi has some firm stereotypes about you. Feel free to prove her wrong if you dare.