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Episode 17:'s Associate Editor talks tater tots, Aloha wear, and bull mastiffs.

Dec 29, 2011

Best in Show
After what might have been Lisa making an exception about her usual sex schedule, the gang reassembles for sunset cocktails and copious Glanville flirting. While I respect Camille’s knowledge of the island chains, I do think Ken could have gotten this information from Wikipedia or the concierge desk, as opposed to from a mini-dissertation from Ms. Donatacci whilst Brandi hung all over him. I'm just saying Lisa might have preferred that method of learning.

However, Brandi's inebriated clarity also led to a great discussion about what exactly Kim's new boyfriend looks like.

The next day poolside, Brandi and Camille show us that not only do they have crazy public divorces in common, they also share incredible beach bods. Lisa, on the other hand, protects herself from the suns rays with a sensible caftan and her signature wit. Ken puts on a fedora and tries not to die of a combination of heat stroke and arousal. While Brandi frolics, Lisa and Kyle receive a call. Taylor, who earlier spoke with her therapist about the fallout from the White Party, phones the ladies to let them know that her marriage is over. Wow.

Next week, Kim finally arrives in Hawaii -- and it looks like she paid the extra baggage fee so she could bring plenty of drama.

What did you think of this week's episode folks? Personally I'm enjoying the group's delightfully bawdy vacay so far. Are you? Do you eat tater tots at the airport? Would you date a man that drives a red Ferrari? Would you date a bull mastiff?