Troupe Beverly Hills

Episode 3:'s Associate Editor discusses Kim Richards' career as a magician and peace-maker and Portia's love of poop.

Sep 19, 2011

Another week -- another batch of Rocky Mountain highs and lows. Things got a bit messy when Taylor came out of the hot tub feeling rather heated, sending another meal to the Beverly Hills blacklist. But one woman went above and beyond, even pulling out feats of illusion to try to lighten the mood. Which is why I'm nominating Kim Richards for:

Number 1 Magician and Problem Solver

God bless Kim Richards -- for so many reasons, this week in particular, because the woman can lighten a mood with the simple mention of magic. Not only did she do her darnest to hear Taylor out pre-meal (and during, even when no one let her talk), in the end she was the one brazen enough to break the mood with mention of her magic. Then Kim said she'd throw a napkin at Taylor and began doing what I think might have been an Emeril Lagasse impression. Why was that the ideal icebreaker? No idea. People love Emeril (we do, he's judging Top Chef this season), so maybe Kim just believed that his loveable Cajun sensibility was the perfect antidote to Taylor’s emotional state. Whatever the reason, it worked. Kim "Bam"-ed her way to better moods for all the ladies involved. I just wonder what other magical tricks Kim has up her sleeve. Card tricks? Can she pull small animals from hats (Lisa's fur ski hat would be a great place to start)?

Personally, I think Kim could use her magical skills in other tense dining situations. She could smooth things at important lunches during Congressional sessions or other bargaining-based meals. Just give Kim a napkin and toss her into the Senate's cafeteria. She could help create a bipartisan government by simply using small Cajun-based illusions to help the Senators see their commonalities. It's worth a try!

Also worthy of honorable mentions in the cause to diffusing the dinner party: lip gloss and the Chef Tracey. Poor Chef Tracey, it's hard enough presenting your food to such discerning ladies as the Beverly Hills Housewives, but you've really got to sell that carrot ginger soup in a situation like that.