Troupe Beverly Hills

Episode 8:'s Associate Editor wonders how many estheticians it will take to solve the Brandi/Kyle/Kim feud.

Oct 24, 2011

Hello my little lovelies,
Has everyone calmed down from the Game Night fight? I'm still in a state of shock and may never eat a meringue or play "Celebrity" again. But move on we must. It's a new day in Beverly Hills filled with revitalizing spa treatments and half-hearted apologies. Let's recap shall we?

Know Your Chicken

Many moons ago, when I saw the season preview that included Adrienne washing the chicken with soap, I thought to myself, "Well there is no way that could be any more delightful."

I was wrong. Seeing just how truly poor Adrienne's poultry knowledge was really took me to a place of laughter. Couple that lack of culinary know-how with Bernie casting his knowing gaze on the proceedings and I could barely hang on. Seeing the world's most judgmental chef giving the side eye throughout the entire process really added another layer to this little moment (much like stuffing a chicken with herbs makes it more delicious). God bless you Adrienne Maloof. May you and Paul have a happy life full of takeout food.