Troupe Beverly Hills

Episode 4: In the words of Kyle Richards, "huddle up," as's Associate Editor recaps the ladies' first meeting with Brandi and Dana and Kim's Lisa impression.

Sep 26, 2011

Ladies and gents, it's finally here. The week you’ve been waiting for is upon us. We’re finally getting to meet the newest woman to grace Beverly Hills with their beauty – friends of the Housewives Brandi Glanville and Dana Wilkey. And as Brandi and Dana crutches into our lives (well at least Brandi does), let's open our arms to them a little wider than perhaps the rest of the ladies did. So strap on your walking cast, as I pick the three most impressive moments of their inaugural episode.

Frequent Flyer Miles

I know you’ve all been sitting on your private planes in suspense since last week wondering if Kim was going to make the flight to Sacrament and – and she does! And I must say, her makeup looks great all things considered. I’ve done far less great work while my power was fully functional. Since she was so late, she brought her Lisa Vanderpump impression as a consolation prize.

Why am I surprised Kim was so good at in-flight entertainment, she was a child actress?
The game itself and Adrienne’s experiences were heart-breaking to watch. Very rarely are whole towns begging you for something out and painting murals in attempts to convince you, so of course Adrienne got a bit teary. Kim was there to lighten the mood and ask a lot of non-game related questions (she seems as into basketball as I am). Whatever Adrienne decides to do with the team is going to be tough, but she’ll always have that nice hug with the Sacramento Kings lion to find comfort in.