Troupe Beverly Hills

Episode 4: In the words of Kyle Richards, "huddle up," as's Associate Editor recaps the ladies' first meeting with Brandi and Dana and Kim's Lisa impression.

Sep 26, 2011

Brandi (and Dana!) You’re A Fine Girl or "It’'s Huddle Time"

Meanwhile, Kyle is throwing a charity event for Lollipop Theatre Networks. After finally deciding what to wear that doesn't make her look like a street-walker

. . .and dealing with a last-minute location switch, Kyle and Mauricio are fully prepared for the big night. (Her party planner handing her a margarita and gets her to calm down.) Folks start arriving -- including new gal pals Brandi and Dana! And the shindig is taken to another level.

Almost immediately, Dana gets pulled into a tete-a-tete with Lisa and Taylor. Lisa's hoping to help Taylor out, though the charity event might not have been the best place to ask her to eat more. Dana seems to roll right into the group, even through this Level 10 awkwardness. Kudos to Dana for hanging tough. I raise my overly large lollipop right back to you.