Troupe Beverly Hills

Episode 19:'s Associate Editor tries to make sense of the many interlopers at Lisa's opening of Sur Lounge.

Jan 13, 2012

Aloha again RHOBH fans. We've returned from the islands and are heading straight to a shindig. The much ballyhooed opening of Lisa's expanded SUR Lounge. As promised all will be revealed this week -- all being what Sur stands for. Oh and also, Kim will confess something to Kyle, Taylor will confront the ladies about her split with Russell and a veritable host of oddball guests will arrive at the restaurant. And we’re off. . .

Her Lips Are Sealed
I have a very, very important question: Who is sneaking sex toys into Kim Richards' drawers? Who is going to our precious Kimberly's house and tucking "light up lip glosses" between layers of her folded shirts and socks?

Besides the surely well-meaning vibrator burglar, all is not well in Kimsville. She confides to her makeup artist that her relationship with Ken is becoming a struggle, mentioning that "it's the little things." "I like a Starbucks. He goes and gets me the one in the bottle. I like pepperoni pizza. He orders one with ham and sausage." Those might not sound like deal-breakers ladies, but as we see later, it might be the bigger things too -- bigger even than the trash Kim finds in the limo.

Sexy, Unique, Restaurant
Welp! It’s been revealed. Lisa's latest venture is a Sexy Unique Restaurant -- and sexy indeed considering the guest list. You've got Brandi, towering roughly four feet above her new "boyfriend" Ken Todd. (Classic Vanderpump line: Ken: "I'm too short for her." Lisa: "And too married for her." J'adore this little trio.) Adrienne arrives, looking very chic in a gold lamé. And then Bernie! Unfortunately for Bernie, his hatred of Lisa is only going to deepen, as the Pump totally blanked on how she knew him. Watch what you eat at the Maloof residence now, Lisa!

At this point you were probably thinking, "Oh exciting. This party is already filled with arrival drama." JUST WAIT. Roughly two seconds later, we find out that one of the waitresses maybe had an affair with Brandi's ex-husband. Lisa, wanting to keep things as drama-free as possible, ejects said waitress, which was a sweet move. Not sweet for Sheena, the waitress who must put down her tray and quickly vanish in the night, but sweet for Brandi. Look at these two building their friendship even more.