Troupe Beverly Hills

Episode 19:'s Associate Editor tries to make sense of the many interlopers at Lisa's opening of Sur Lounge.

Jan 13, 2012

What mystery guest is next you say? RuPaul discussing clothes with Mr. Nassif (“You're born naked and the rest is drag." Honey, you speak the truth). That's a good one, but here's a better one -- Cedric's here.

I love that Cedric tries to use "this is not the time or the place" line on Lisa when he's at her party. You brought the ruckus to this party. It was unreal how Cedric behaved as if nothing has happened. And therefore completely understandable that Ken brought the muscle and got him out of there. Kudos to Ken!

And the final mystery guest: Paul's ex-girlfriend! Have we ever seen the Maloof so rattled? One has to wonder what sort of gravitational pull Sur has on Beverly Hills. It managed to reel in all the crazies.

Meeting in the Ladies' Room
Finally Kim arrives, and she’s a touch frantic. After a very disheartening bathroom tete-a-tete, Adrienne encourages Kim and Kyle to have a sit-down outside. Then Kim admits her Ken's not exactly the greatest. 

As sad as it was to watch Kim and Kyle hash out their issues felt like the road to healing. Thankfully for Kim, her pregnancy scare was more of a Ramona Singer situation, and now she's free to travel all she wants or get a dog, whichever works.