Troupe Beverly Hills

Episode 14:'s Associate Editor pours herself some Cheetos and ice water and watches the wedge-but-no-bra party unfold.

Dec 5, 2011

OK, kitty cats,

Has anyone else noticed the theme of this season seems to be. . .themed parties? Our girls are either exponentially more popular this year, or it's just prime shindig season. There have been so many parties with varying themes – camel parties, séances, teas, and now, a wedge-but-no-bra party. However, the ladies seem to be operating under that old axiom: "It's someone else's party, and I will yell loudly and make a scene if I want to."

Cinco de Mauricio
Despite Mauricio's Mexican heritage, he was having a hard time dressing for his Cinco de Mayo party. It was precious seeing him struggle with his outfit (handsome people have problems too, y'all!) In the end he pulled it together (brown and brown is fine!), and the margaritas flowed like wine. This party basically had everything you could ever want: Mexican food, Mauricio, and recently fixed up faces (Estella!) . We also learned that Estella now can't move her head and her neck independently because of the work she had done. Eh, range of motion is overrated anyway.