Troupe Beverly Hills

Episode 11:'s Associate Editor ponders the problems with adult tea parties.

Nov 13, 2011

Let’s get to the nitty gritty. I hope you had plenty of chamomile tea on hand to help you deal with the stresses of this episode. It was a doozie. . .

This I promise you. . .
We open with Kyle finally meeting Kim's mystery man -- and boy do the mysteries just keep unfurling. Apparently Kim is a Jonas Brother, because she makes her men wear promise rings. That's a big step for a relationship your sister didn't even know existed. Kyle attempts not to let Kim and Ken know she's upset by pointing out her allergy to long-haired dogs and her mother's less than ideal painting skills. After what might be the tensest new significant other meet and greet since Kate Middleton met the Queen, Kyle excuses herself and gives her sister a hug, not forgetting to mention that Kim is "so small and tiny and little and childlike." Undertones, much?

Kim says this is one of the first things she's done for herself in a while. Hopefully Kyle's nagging bad feeling is just her former motherly instincts sneaking up on her. At least she can take them out on her dog baby (please tell me you thought that was as hilarious as I did).