Troupe Beverly Hills

Episode 16:'s Associate Editor uses Giggy's shoulder to cry on amidst all the drama.

Dec 19, 2011

Hello BHers,

It's White Party time, but despite the bright and light dress code, things got a bit tense. Let's recap, shall we?

And the Band Played On
Sweet, wonderful Kevin. Every time you and your ascot appear, I'm guaranteed more greatness will flow forth from your mouth, more splendid visions will arrive at your hands, extra greatness will ensue in your presence.

And disappoint you did not, by bringing what will perhaps be the largest band to ever play in Lisa's living room (I say "perhaps" because I can't guarantee that The Polyphonic Spree won't drop by later in the season.) But it's not the size of the ensemble that matters, it's the motion of the Giggy. Yes, as the band grooved, Lisa rocked Giggy in three-quarter time to the music. Jason and Pandora cut a rug, and even Kevin himself got in on the action, giving Lisa a little twirl. Then the band brought it home with a sad song that reduced the Pump to tears and Giggy clutching. It was so sad-orable. Even Kevin gave the Gigster a little peck because the music moved him so. I'm not saying I also whipped my eyes on someone else's cardigan, but I'm not saying I didn't pull a Lisa and use someone else's outwear as a hankie either.