Troupe Beverly Hills

Episode 16:'s Associate Editor uses Giggy's shoulder to cry on amidst all the drama.

Dec 19, 2011

White Out
Back from Vegas, the ladies are dealing with a different kind of hangover. Russell sent Camille an email telling her that he could sue her for the comments she made at the tea party and Adrienne wonders if perhaps everyone else is next, since the other gals also repeated Camille's sentiments.

Not exactly the sort of thing to get you pumped for a party. . .

But prep for the party Kyle must. As the flowers, delightful sofas, and what not arrive Mauricio toddles around barefoot (precious) and Adrienne breaks the big news to Kyle. . .

Folks start flowing in however (as do the trays of champagne). Camille has on an especially fierce coat. Chandeliers are hung carefully (lest a Phantom of the Opera situation ensure). Lisa and Adrienne arrive and the ladies discuss what's to be done. After much caterwauling, the ladies decide that it would be better for everyone's sake if Taylor and Russell do not attend the party.

And so after some discussion outside, Taylor and Russell speed away from the shindig, leaving surely a aftermath of hurt feelings in their wake.