Brandi Glanville

Brandi is thankfully for a mostly drama-free episode, but she has some thoughts about Kyle's confrontation skills.

on Feb 27, 2013

Finally a drama free show for me -- mostly because Adrienne chose not to show up for anything! Woo hooo!

I did feel that Kim's behavior seemed a little bit off and I hope that she was OK at that time. I can say I have spoken to her recently and she is in a good healthy place. I continue to root for her.

I think the way Kim and Kyle approached Taylor about her drinking was coming from a loving place much UNLIKE the way Kyle approached Kim's drinking in Season 1 -- just saying. Taylor has at least recognized the issue and is willing to work on it. Again, I think major upsets in life kind of give us all a pass to spiral downward for a hot second. It's our friends and family that save us.

Yolanda's dinner party was perfect and exquisite much like herself. Yolanda realy has a talent and eye for design. I truly have so much respect for this strong woman.