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Shoved in the Kids' Room

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Shoved in the Kids' Room

Brandi laments her and Lisa's room assignment and explains how this episode sets up the drama of the season.

This episode is about to kick off what is set to be a bumpy ride to the end of the season for me. It starts out innocently enough with a much overdue, yet uncomfortable, apology from Adrienne to Lisa. Of course, Adrienne thinks she is still owed an apology, which is just ridiculous.

I had just gotten back from a whirlwind trip to NYC for book meetings with my "gaygent" Michael Broussard. It was so amazing to go into these meetings and feel important and grown up. Michael came over to talk about our possible publishing offers, and I am just in awe of the fact that any of this is even happening to me.

During this time, I have really been looking to get back into working mode and had a lot to figure out. Lisa suggested I shoot with a magazine that she writes for called Beverly Hills Lifestyle. At first I didn't want to do it because I can be very self critical and really hate the way I look in photos -- but she convinced me that it could lead to something bigger for me. So I did it, and had a blast doing so. In the early '90s you would never get to see the pictures before they came out in the magazines, and now you see them immediately. It can be both good and bad.

After the shoot we head to Ojai for Kim's trip, which we were arriving late to. When we arrived we were given our room assignment and basically we were put in the kids' room over the garage and disconnected from the main house. But it gave Lisa and I some good bonding time.

I found it really childish the way the other women were acting about who got what room.

We headed off to dinner and somehow Kim and I ended up sitting across from one another. . .drink STAT please! The table made light converstion in which Kyle stuck up for me over my divorce situation, and it makes me see a good side of her. It was the "girls' girl" side of her that I am finally seeing that I have heard so much about. So far so good.

I sympathize with Kim on a lot of levels, and I realized she wasn't her self last year. So we dove into a conversation that got emotional, but not in a bad way. We were actually relating. Then, of course, Adrienne, sitting a few seats away, had to make sure the whole table knew that Kim was crying and that it was my fault! We were having a good conversation and she ruined it. I don't deal well with entitled people so I let her know that she needed to STFU. . .

I have a chip on my shoulder when it comes to this woman, and you will see why down the road. I have a hard time masking my real emotions. The table is in an uproar over my "f bomb." Listen everyone at this table says the "f word" (maybe not as often as I do), but all of a sudden everyone is acting like I committed a crime! So over it!

Until next week!

Kyle: Kim and Monty's Relationship Is Unique

Kyle talks the wedding and the beautiful examples of co-parenting surrounding her.

Sorry I'm late on my blog! Holiday craziness is in full effect.

I really enjoyed the time we spent with Yolanda on the boat. It was nice to be away from Los Angeles and just have some bonding time. I felt for Yolanda and could feel how nervous she was, regarding Bella. She wanted to get home to her and felt helpless in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Once home, it was nice to see what a wonderful stepfather David is to Yolanda's kids. I think it's admirable how Yolanda, David and Mohamed co-parent. A wonderful example of how blended families should be.

Eileen is great. It's so sweet how much she loves her niece. I also love my sister's girls like my own and can relate. Also, as a mom of all girls, I enjoy watching the mother and son relationship.

It's fun to see Eileen in her soap opera setting. She has been doing this a long time and is obviously great at what she does--with an Emmy to prove it!

Lisa V. getting her Star in Palm Springs is an honor I know she must be very proud of. Her name forever imprinted on the streets of a town I absolutely love.
And back to being a mom of boys, I can't say I blame Lisa V. for not loving that Max's girlfriend is so much older. Especially when in our minds, as mothers, they are always children. Even if they are "adults." 

We returned early from Europe, because Brooke had decided to move her wedding date up to make sure her father was strong enough to attended due to his health. It was supposed to be six months later. We hadn't chosen dresses for the wedding, yet, so I sent some pictures of dresses to Brooke for approval first. Although a somewhat "impromptu " wedding, it was absolutely beautiful. The bride and mother of the bride were radiant.

Kim and Monty's relationship is unique. They are truly best friends, and I so admire Kim's dedication to him.

Kyle Richards

Our family has known Thayer's family for almost 30 years. I was at the hospital when Thayer and his identical twin brother Taylor were born. Taylor and my daughter Farrah dated for eight years. I love them and their family and am so happy to have them be an official part of our family now.

Kim and Monty's relationship is unique. They are truly best friends, and I so admire Kim's dedication to him. They are both so lucky to have each other. Seeing the pictures of them so young and as new parents brought tears to my eyes. Kim and Monty are another beautiful example of co-parenting after divorce.

And lastly, yes, I did buy Chanel dog bowls. Hopefully they can't read what it says, because I am trying to keep them grounded and down to earth (wink, wink).


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