Brandi Glanville

Brandi laments her and Lisa's room assignment and explains how this episode sets up the drama of the season.

on Nov 26, 2012

I found it really childish the way the other women were acting about who got what room.

We headed off to dinner and somehow Kim and I ended up sitting across from one another. . .drink STAT please! The table made light converstion in which Kyle stuck up for me over my divorce situation, and it makes me see a good side of her. It was the "girls' girl" side of her that I am finally seeing that I have heard so much about. So far so good.

I sympathize with Kim on a lot of levels, and I realized she wasn't her self last year. So we dove into a conversation that got emotional, but not in a bad way. We were actually relating. Then, of course, Adrienne, sitting a few seats away, had to make sure the whole table knew that Kim was crying and that it was my fault! We were having a good conversation and she ruined it. I don't deal well with entitled people so I let her know that she needed to STFU. . .

I have a chip on my shoulder when it comes to this woman, and you will see why down the road. I have a hard time masking my real emotions. The table is in an uproar over my "f bomb." Listen everyone at this table says the "f word" (maybe not as often as I do), but all of a sudden everyone is acting like I committed a crime! So over it!

Until next week!