Camille Grammer

Camille explains how blindsided she was at Mauricio's event, but believes that sometimes people say things they don't mean.

on Dec 20, 2012

Of course, the confrontation made me feel uncomfortable. Paul's reaction brought out some deep seeded emotions in Taylor because of her past that upset her. Taylor chimed in about spoken matters and used this opportunity to bring up what occurred between her and I last year. Taylor had told all of us what was happening in her life. We all knew and were very concerned for her. My speaking out about her generally known situation is completely different than a private matter that the involved family does not want to share. What happened to Taylor was horrible. I sympathize with her. God bless her, she seems a lot happier these days. I'm happy for her progression. But at this moment at Mauricio's event too much was going on to rehash last year's drama.

Going from that event to dinner at Kyle's: I was happy to be invited and looking forward to having dinner with the girls. Kyle had been working on the house and was ready to celebrate the dining room being finished. There was some concern about what might happen. The issue might be brought to the table literally. In the back of my mind I hoped all might be resolved. Sometimes I've said things that I shouldn't have. I've learned It 's better to address conflicts head on and then move on. Going into the dinner with all the women I didn’t know what to expect.

Faye's one tough cookie. Brandi is no shrinking violet. Both can handle themselves. Everyone has the right to express their own opinion. Brandi had every right to excuse herself from the table. It was getting very uncomfortable for her. I've been in that position. Brandi was uneasy about the dinner before being there. She had informed Kyle that she didn't need to attend the dinner if Adrienne would be there. I thought it was very sweet of Marisa to try to step in and say something helpful. At some point Brandi realized where things were headed so it was best for her to excuse herself and walk away from the table.