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No One Comes Out Unscathed

Camille explains how blindsided she was at Mauricio's event, but believes that sometimes people say things they don't mean.

Wow, there’s just so much going on in this episode. It's hard to keep up.

There’s a time and a place for everything. Mauricio's event was not the right time or place to bring up what Brandi had said. I understand Kim wanting to tell Adrienne as soon as possible. Adrienne had the right to know since it is such a private personal matter that could effect her family. I just think Kim's timing was wrong.

The fight shocked me and caught me off guard. I wasn't invited to the dinner at Sur, so I had no idea of what had transpired. As we ladies were enjoying a pleasant conversation, Paul walked by and confronted Brandi. All hell broke loose.

Paul was in Brandi's face. It was harsh. No man has the right to get in a woman's face and yell at her in that manner. You also saw how Adrienne didn't want Paul confronting Brandi and several times she told him to just leave. Surprisingly no one jumped in to stop it. I don't condone any man talking to a woman that way. Everyone was in shock. I thought "What the heck just happened?" I was at a loss for words and felt so out of place. Not knowing what was going on I asked Brandi. She just looked over at Kyle. Then Kyle explained it to me. I felt so bad for Adrienne. Such a private matter that could effect Adrienne's family. Certain family matters should always remain private within the family.

Of course, the confrontation made me feel uncomfortable. Paul's reaction brought out some deep seeded emotions in Taylor because of her past that upset her. Taylor chimed in about spoken matters and used this opportunity to bring up what occurred between her and I last year. Taylor had told all of us what was happening in her life. We all knew and were very concerned for her. My speaking out about her generally known situation is completely different than a private matter that the involved family does not want to share. What happened to Taylor was horrible. I sympathize with her. God bless her, she seems a lot happier these days. I'm happy for her progression. But at this moment at Mauricio's event too much was going on to rehash last year's drama.

Going from that event to dinner at Kyle's: I was happy to be invited and looking forward to having dinner with the girls. Kyle had been working on the house and was ready to celebrate the dining room being finished. There was some concern about what might happen. The issue might be brought to the table literally. In the back of my mind I hoped all might be resolved. Sometimes I've said things that I shouldn't have. I've learned It 's better to address conflicts head on and then move on. Going into the dinner with all the women I didn’t know what to expect.

Faye's one tough cookie. Brandi is no shrinking violet. Both can handle themselves. Everyone has the right to express their own opinion. Brandi had every right to excuse herself from the table. It was getting very uncomfortable for her. I've been in that position. Brandi was uneasy about the dinner before being there. She had informed Kyle that she didn't need to attend the dinner if Adrienne would be there. I thought it was very sweet of Marisa to try to step in and say something helpful. At some point Brandi realized where things were headed so it was best for her to excuse herself and walk away from the table.

Listen, not all of us are proud of what we say or do at times. Emotions do get the best of us especially when a drink is involved. But this group of women cares about each other. Sometimes we say things that we shouldn't. Some comments hurt deeply and I think everybody's done their fair share. I've said things I've apologized for. It just happens when you're that emotional. You either back off or you react. Your emotions will get the best of you.

I don't think any of us have been angels, any of us. But sending flowers to Adrienne and apologizing in this case, I'm not sure. It all depends. What was said was so personal, it's unfortunate. No one comes out of this situation unscathed. . .You'll have to wait until the next episode to see what happens during the rest of Kyle's dinner party. . .and with Brandi and Adrienne.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday and a happy new year. Love and hold dearly your children, family and friends this holiday. My deepest heartfelt sympathy to the children, teachers, families and friends of Newtown, CT. No words can diminish the sorrow of such a tragedy.

Love and Peace to all.

Lisa V.: How Many Scenarios Can We Excuse?

Lisa Vanderpump tries to make sense of what happened at the reunion and gives us an update on her life since. 

And here we have it...the final episode as the curtain drops on Season 5, the last part of this intriguing trilogy...

Firstly, it is almost too complicated to dissect, but let's try to have a better understanding of the complicated dynamic that materialized this season...

I think upon reflection, it has been pretty obvious after months of filming the intent of some to insert themselves into an already fractious situation. Kim obviously felt bolstered by BG, much to her detriment, as she became a victim of her own volatility. I doubt since filming has wrapped whether there has been much interaction between BG and Kim. It would surprise me greatly if this supposedly close relationship is still flourishing.

What concerned me this season was the manipulative attempt by BG to undermine Kyle and to validate any negativity that Kim was feeling.

Lisa Vanderpump

There's not a lot to say that hasn't been said, really, but what concerned me this season was the manipulative attempt by BG to undermine Kyle and to validate any negativity that Kim was feeling, salaciously stating what a wonderful friend she was and how totally unsupportive Kyle has been. I don't believe the years of dealing with a sibling struggling with alcoholism, supporting financially when needed, should be ignored--also the emotional toll it must have taken on the family. This is a family that has many offsprings who love each other dearly, and that should be paramount. BG has no idea of any history, just a few short months under the glare of reality television.

Also in this final segment, it baffles me once again as to the arrogance as to state what is off limits. How many scenarios can we excuse? Dogs? Children? House? Sobriety? Our business became your business when we entered into your living room. We should strive for transparency, and we should deal with consequences as we profit from the benefits.

I have grown close to Lisa and Eileen and enjoyed them immensely, not always understanding Lisa's actions, but always believing it came from a place of concern, even if sometimes, like in regard to the text she sent, it was a little impulsive. Her anger got the better of her, and for that, I believe she was sorry. I am not making excuses for her, but I am resolute in the belief that provocation sometimes creates a day of reckoning.

My suggestion of putting a band aid on a situation is one of experience. Sometimes we reach for the unreachable, especially when it comes to relationships. Furthermore, we have to accept that idyllic relationships are not always obtainable, but what we should not accept is that the whole family infrastructure, which can be so delicate, would possibly be fractured--weddings missed, birthdays ignored, and all of life's moments punctuated, documented with regret.

So that is what I hope for this season, that the devious trifling is never rewarded by the success in the breakdown of any relationship. Last year, as I sat on my own, aghast at what had transpired, I hoped for a clearer picture, and now I have one, as I think you all do.

Snippets of downtime that have been aired this reunion--cups of tea requests, diarrhea jokes, pussy to the bathroom jokes, didn't know a Flex but definitely knew a Ford--are a great way of also demonstrating that there are giggles in the face of adversity.

Lastly, I would like to say a huge thank you to all of you, who have sent messages of love and well wishes in what has proved to be a trying week. The surgery has been a reminder of how sometimes the indomitable support of those close to you is so valuable, and I appreciate it tremendously. My children by my side, friends, and family are the icing on the cake. Thank you to you all. Ken is doing much better and is well on the way to full recovery.

I have appreciated your comments and enjoyed interacting with you.

Much love as always, 


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