Kim Richards

Kim discusses her relationship with her sister and explains her pillow in Europe.

on Apr 6, 2013

Lisa and I. . .We’re in a good place today, but I have to be honest it was important for me to point out to Lisa how I felt about Paris! It was already a touchy situation for me, as I had a medication mix-up and I was not feeling well! She could have talked to me! Kyle did. . .Yolanda did. Instead, I felt she spoke behind my back and made light of a situation that was very serious! I saw her make jokes, and it really hurt my feelings and it made me angry. But Lisa and I are friends and I can discuss this with her in a healthy way! It's unfortunate the way it played out. I’m sure Lisa and I will handle things differently in the future, as I care very much for Lisa, and I know she cares for me. As far as my med mix-up, it’s unfortunate, but that's all it was, a medication mix-up, and no one paid the price more than I!

With regards to Brandi. . .Brandi baffles me. I really don't know why she jumped in on my conversation with Yolanda. Yolanda and I were having a discussion that had absolutely nothing to do with her! The next thing I know she's talking about my pillow -- which was really quite mean! When I asked Brandy why, she said she was protecting her friend!

The thing that really confuses me, is she said how I was her friend, and I do believe I am! So WHY!?!  Why be so mean? I guess I don't fully understand her -- like when she said my sister secretly doesn’t want me to make it! I know in my heart Brandi doesn't want that for me, and she knows my sister doesn't want that for me! So WHY? Only Brandi knows! Although, we have these "Brandi" things, I still like Brandi even though she said my pillow smelled like s---! Here's the thing, regardless of what Brandi said.. It's my pillow, so if I want to s--- on my pillow, or wipe my a-- on my pillow, it’s still my pillow! I can do whatever I want with it! What's really SCARY is that Brandi SNIFFED my dirty pillow! It had been dragged all over Europe, so no telling what was on that damn thing!!! So GROSS!