Kim Richards

Kim shares why Kimberly's prom was so special and discusses Taylor's singing voice.

on Nov 20, 2012

It was nice to ride out to Yolanda's with Paul and Adrienne, but I could feel right from the get go tensions were high and the night could have been in trouble

I love that every time I saw Kyle she was obsessing over Camille's stalking psycho butler! When in reality he's just the local caterer in Malibu! Got to love my sister! Right? Then there was Lisa, Adrienne, and Paul. While there was no arguing, the tension was apparent throughout the night.

Taylor was talking about Brandi which I don’t think anybody wanted to hear. Let's not forget the sing-a-long! Taylor, Kyle, and Adrienne all singing “Amazing Grace,” and learning the ways at The Foster house! David's words are not a stranger to me. Through his music he has been part of my childhood, relationships, breakups, weddings, and births of my children etc. He has been a part of my life long before tonight! When David started playing "Danny Boy," I could see my Mom standing by the piano singing that song! That was a big memory growing up! (It was her favorite song.) Too bad Taylor wasn't enjoying it! I think she’s upset because maybe she really does want to make an album!