Kim Richards

Kim explains why she was so upset with Brandi and why she doesn't think Faye is Kyle's mouthpiece.

on Mar 26, 2013

Hi! I hope you're getting off to a great week.

And what a way to start with the finale and Part 1 of two reunions! Watching last night's episode, at Lisa's home I was so surprised when I walked in and saw they were renewing their vows! It was so beautifully decorated and how gorgeous was that heart over the pool? Her home looked incredible! I felt so bad for all the drama that took place on her special night. Everybody arguing!

In regards to Faye, although I know she is a good person with a big heart, I do not feel it was appropriate to discuss this with Lisa on this particular night. Faye is the kind of person that regardless if she knows you or not she will jump in and come to your rescue. But like I said it was not right for any drama (with Brandi, Adrienne, or ANYONE for that matter) to be brought up on this evening. Many times I hear people say that Faye is Kyle's mouthpiece. And now I'm hearing that Brandi is Lisa's! I don't think either one of these girls need a mouthpiece!!! They are both STRONG women and can defend themselves! As long as I have known them they have never had a problem speaking up on their own behalf! And as for Brandi and Faye, these are two very STRONG girls as well. I don't think their own mothers could STOP them if they wanted too!