Kim Richards

Kim's happy to be back and blogging and showing fans a new sober her this season.

on Nov 6, 2012

The first step was starting with my children, they were my first focus. I tried to explain to Kyle that it was my first weekend having all four of them home together! In my new house! That was very exciting for me and them and was something we hadn't done in a year! I can't tell how I was looking forward to this!! I told her we would try to make it but in all honesty life is not always about a party. This my real life! I love my sister then and now! I think it's just so hard for her to separate.

Meeting Yolanda was such a nice surprise. She's pretty, kind, and I genuinely like her! Definitely a nice addition to our group!

Overall I am excited for you all to see a new me: a sober me. Of course we all have our moments, you will see me cry and you will see me happy.

But you will see me trying my very best to stay true to myself, my sobriety and most of all my children. I am happy to have gotten to spend time with such an eclectic group of powerful ladies. Here's to another crazy season of Housewives!