Kyle Richards

Kyle spills on her hopes for Lisa, thoughts on Adrienne's divorce, and finding solace in Kim's strength.

on Mar 25, 2013

It was so sad hearing about Paul and Adrienne. I wish so much they could have worked things out. I hope that Ken and Lisa were able to enjoy themselves in spite of everything that happened. Thirty years of marriage is certainly something to celebrate.

How strange it was to be celebrating one friend’s marriage while watching our other friend's crumble. This has been a tough season. So many of us were divided over the Brandi and Adrienne situation. So many arguments, so much change.

There were also good times. Ojai, Paris, opening my store, and best of all, seeing my sister Kim stronger than she has been in many years. In moving forward, I hope that Lisa and I can finally put any differences behind us, that Taylor continues to heal, and that Kim and I can start a new chapter in our relationship.

Thank you for watching.