Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa shares why she learned to stay out of it in Paris, and shares her thoughts on Dana Wilkey and David Foster.

on Mar 13, 2013

So we bid farewell to gay Paris. . .

Apart from a few challenging moments the trip was a huge success but I still felt a certain amount of anxiety over Kim. On the boat trip she seemed in a much better frame of mind. All was explained later when we returned. I am the wrong person to ascertain how much medication is too much, but I know that if ever I was in that position again I would still question her or gently probe as to whether she was OK.

As I viewed the footage of our final moments in Paris traveling down the Seine, it was a gentle reminder that life passes by so rapidly, sometimes leaving little time for the moments that we should cherish. I knew after 30 years that I needed to make a decision as to whether we would have a celebration and renew our vows. I resisted five years ago on our 25, and now it was time to celebrate.

Kevin Lee is an unusual character to say the least, but this man can deliver. He will create an event that is always a visual feast, and, although he appears a little eccentric, he is somebody I enjoy working with. So a party in the garden is what we decided.