Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa speaks honestly about her relationship with Adrienne and comments on her Ojai sleeping arrangements.

on Nov 27, 2012

Welcome back, we open with this ongoing situation between Adrienne and myself. After my thank you note, she had reached out to initiate a meeting. It was a long awaited resolution that was clearly needed in order for us to move on. I have always, since entering into this domain, been open and honest with you, and now as you witness this attempt at repairing a friendship that lay in tatters, I can't deceive you and pretend that it will ever be resolved truly, as it has been too long and too convoluted to ever hope for that friendship that was once there. . .However due to circumstances, it was essential that this came to fruition otherwise I was unwilling to even engage her.

There have been too many manufactured, unfounded stories in the press, given by one of her employees since then, that I have never reacted or retaliated to, for me to believe that this apology was sincere and her goal was to bridge the divide between us.

If you notice, when I greeted her in Ojai, we kissed which was a level of civility that certainly wasn't there previously. That's the best we could hope for at this point.