Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa speaks honestly about her relationship with Adrienne and comments on her Ojai sleeping arrangements.

on Nov 27, 2012

I had an idea that a photoshoot with Brandi for the magazine I worked for, Beverly Hills Lifestyle, was just what she needed. She is a beautiful woman and her level of confidence is not what it should be, as a result of the path that her life has taken. The whole layout, which you can see in the magazine, was a complete success, which I am sure even Brandi will agree on. . .or not.

So off we go to Ojai, chatting in the car lightheartedly, but then you see signs of the vulnerability that has endeared Brandi to me, little glimpses of the struggles that she has had to overcome. I knew she was a little nervous about spending a weekend with all these ladies, but it was a much needed break.

When we arrived, obviously we were unaware of the room allocations that had happened previously, but when we were shown to the attic, that was separate from the house, I understood and to be honest really didn't care. Brandi and I have no issues. We are totally relaxed together and it was a situation that drawing straws for example was potentially fraught with danger!

At dinner I was fascinated when I viewed this scene between Brandi and Kim. As I hadn't witnessed it,I had really only become aware of a problem when I heard Brandi tell Adrienne to shut the f--- up. Something I wish I had done a long time ago but, at that moment it seemed inappropriate. However I heard after and now realize that it was just another snarky attempt by Adrienne to imply that Brandi was causing a problem. Not so.