Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa explains why she felt her friendship with Kyle was worth saving, and where she thinks things stand now.

on Feb 12, 2013

Whenever any of these instances were brought up, it was always treated with a slightly dismissive attitude by herself and Mauricio, never truly validating the depth of hurt that ensued after some of these instances. So I voice my opinion, but sincerely wondered if any of it would resonate. I can't deny how we can laugh and we still continue to have moments where caution is thrown to the wind and we resume the carefree relationship that once was. But when you really hold a friend close, you need that reassurance that if all goes awry then they will support you. I rarely need it, as I am a strong but sensitive woman with an emotionally uncomplicated life. But I value that quality and will always repay it.

Yolanda with her daughter Bella and the horses made me smile. I love to witness scenes like that and am happy that Brandi is developing a closer relationship with her, as it was wearisome being the only one who would ever support her. We are all in agreement that she was guilty of revealing something that was inappropriate, but she had apologized. . .That should have sufficed.

It was decided that another tea party is in order. Camille I felt, was regretful of her sudden outburst, which I have to say I could never quite understand. So let us try once more.

Adrienne had been absent from our group, which when we embarked on this journey so many moons ago, was not what we signed up for. We should endeavor to communicate without the need to become litigious, to resolve our differences, to articulate how we feel without financial bullying, which ultimately is redundant when we hope to all have a future together.