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Lisa Vanderpump

If Faye's There, I Won't Be

If Lisa had known Faye was planning on being a mouthpiece at Kyle's party, she (and Brandi) should have skipped it.

Dec 17

We were invited to Kyle's house for dinner. If I had known that Faye was going to be there, all clued in, on what was supposed to be a secret, I would have possibly refused the invitation and advised Brandi to do likewise. I have memories of another dinner party where Faye was back up, mouthpiece, or whatever one would like to call her. It was an impossible situation. I knew Brandi had shown her regret but still felt indignant, and I agree with the fact that her feelings were valid too.

So we leave the party so to speak, until next next time. I will take this chance to wish you all a very happy holidays. My family want to "relax" at home that means me cooking 24/7! I wouldn't change it as I rarely have them all under one roof. It is a time of year to reflect, value, and cherish what we have.

In the wake of the horrific shooting in Connecticut, I send my condolences to the families that have lost their little ones. I cannot possibly ever understand the motivation for a heinous crime like this. My heart truly breaks for each and everyone who has lost somebody.

Thank you all for your support. God bless and a happy Christmas.
X x

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ngoytia 175 pts

As soon as you said "HOWEVER" I stopped reading, theres no excuse, come on......

jeanniefan 43 pts

Lisa take that "vanderpump" and kick Adrienne, Kyle, Kim  and Taylor to the curb!!  They can't even come close to being the classy woman you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!! 13 pts

@latin83( or whatever )  are you even watching the same program as the rest of us? you cant be. how could you watch that episode and come to the conclusions that you have? it really just seems impossible to me..

Sandra@nebraska 518 pts

Lisa, you're #1 as always.  Hit every nail perfectly. 

julieb70 87 pts

Lets just make Lisa the Queen. I am being sarcastic unlike the people here who cant see through her. She was boasting about going for lunch with Sarah Ferguson about one year ago. Some boast.

michelle.lucas.3150 899 pts

First season, you described the morally corrupt Faye Resnick as a panther, prowling through the jungle. Well I guess Kyle is the snake, slithering beside her. But you my dear, are The Lioness, the Queen of the Jungle. I'm sure you will show those two who's boss.

tapasto 139 pts

Thank you Lisa for being a lady also for being more verbal this season and saying what you feel, just a bit of advice keep it real and don't cross any lines.

2tall4u2 427 pts

Team Vanderpump/Foster/Glanville!  You three ladies are the bomb-diggity!!  You know Splits didn't tell you Fake was going to be there because she knew you wouldn't come and that you would advise Brandi not to attend as well.   I loved the look on Splits' face when you tried to point out her hypocrisy...but she's so dense she didn't get the correlation.  Money can't buy you class...or a decently designed dining room.

rhiannen 20 pts

She is an irrelevant person trying to be relevant. Faye needs to back off convenient of Kyle running to her little friend to do what she obviously does not have the balls to do. Brandi has never done anything other than defend herself convenient how the sisters forgot it was them bullying Brandi by hiding her crutches that got the mess started and now they want to play poor little me, really what does money make you stupid?????? And Maloof the hoof has no class which she has proven over and over again by the actions she takes. 

BeachBunny23 275 pts

Who does Kyle think she is trying to hush YOU, while allowing that vile woman to spew her venom on Brandi? You are a class act!

   I am surprised you have never called these women out on their "meeting" at The Polo Lounge.  I am so sorry that happened behind your back, you did not deserve that. I am grateful  that Brandi made viewers aware of how nasty it really was behind the scenes.

Wishing you and Ken all the best!

PJBaird 21 pts

Between you and Yolanda...I commend you both.  Kyle, Faye, and Adrienne are simply made of poor character.  Watching Kyle let Faye totally rag and wreck a perfectly good evening was disgusting.  You should have walked out with Brandi.  Cut them all loose...they are worthless humans. 

Bonz25 2756 pts

You should know the viewers always get it right....  But how nice it is to see all of the support in print.  Love you Pink!


What a backfire Faye was to Kyle's agenda - Oopsie!

sadie5500 412 pts

You and Brandi are my favorites, the rest can move in with Faye

JuniorAlves22 96 pts

Just love you! You and Brandi are my favorites.

I-told-you-so 499 pts

I loved seeing Ken "torture" you with his demands and showing off his scar like a little kid. He is more adorable than Giggy. The two of you and Yolanda are always fascinating and a welcome break from the over the top craziness.

csabatelli 290 pts

I say this every week, but every week it is true..... Miss Lisa is a class, class, class act.

90210_latin83 76 pts

Hi lisa! I hope you gain my interest in being a fan of yours again bc honeslty I dont like your horrible atitude toward Adrienne, Kyle and Faye! I think that you were such a great honest genuine friend of theirs once and this season has made me not like it one bit! I think you're a amazing tactful actress that's extremely intelligent and knows how to play situations and is using Brandi for her outspokeness- in other words things that are on your mind you're having the puppet AKA Brandi say outloud.  I think you're extremley apparent underneath all your shiny diomands and rose lol- Honey! GO WRITE A BOOK and call it a day! I have the perfect title- Memoirs of fabulous diva and her bottle of Rose'- Seriously ! lol...

alicia.gardner.148 47 pts

@90210_latin83 I think you have it need to be writing this to Kyle.

calvin.right 1317 pts

 90210_latin83 Adriennes the backstabber and the one who destroyed their friendship. I think youlll find thats the overwhelming general consensus amongst viewers whove followed their journey past few years. Remember, Lisa has many contacts and hears about everything that sneaky desperate castmembers get up to.  She knows full well who her enemies are on the show and Adrienne has been one for some time now. Along with a certain other castmate whose husband she throws big business to to buy their friendship. Very sad.

anita78 106 pts

You are awesome and my favorite housewife of ALL the shows.  You are so classy, honest and witty.  Beware of Kyle as she is not a good friend to you.  I think you already know this though...

suej723 63 pts

You are a true class act Lisa and make this show worthwhile to watch. Happy holiday to you and your family.

saltysister45 134 pts

Lisa, a true classy gem as always! Don't let these women bring you down. Continue admonishing Brandi because she needs it but what is really great about Brandi...she really really values your friendship. Just continue to build on that and Brandi will come around. She will learn to watch what she says. She just needs encouragement and not for a bunch of vile women constantly attacking her.


Lisa, thank you for mentioning the victims of Newton CT. Not too many famous people are saying much and I am really touched that they are on your mind. This has been a tragedy of unspeakable evil and its extremely painful to see what these families are going thru. The vile women you are surrounded by should really take a few seconds out of their pathetic days to really see what is happening in the world! This could very well be what will make them reflect on that the stupid things they are fighting about are pure garbage!

SydAustbeachbum 46 pts

Merry Christmas Lisa. You make a very good point re all the men standing around not intervening when Paul was going off. Pretty sad indictment on them.

thetwoj 22 pts

I love you, your the best. Merry Christmas to you and all of yours, Lisa.

linda.reinhardt.752 422 pts

Glad to see Ken is okay.  Ya'll have a wonderful Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year

bbrownmn 295 pts

Once again, you handled yourself and the situation perfectly. You are such a class act! I REALLY wish that Kyle, Adrienne, Taylor, Kim, and Faye would follow your lead.


Happy holidays to you and yours.

robynsf 17 pts

I understand your wanting to be a mother figure to Brandi, but I think she's way out of line. You are one of my favorites and I would hate for Brandi to bring you down to her level. She's obviously has a lot of anger issues and can't seem to control her mouth. Anyways, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

ShowTaylorAndAdrienneTheDoor 1318 pts

 robynsf Brandi proved herself to be a classy , elegant guest who after repeated attempts to get Faye to move on, simply left the table.


Oh yea, that's right!!

jecaden 318 pts

What are you giving Ken for Christmas?  WINK WINK!!!  Love you two!

jecaden 318 pts

Lisa dahling, next time Vile Kyle cuts you off or sticks her finger in your face, have Jiggy pee on her!

Stacy1 222 pts

As always Lisa, you're a classy Lady!  Merry Christmas to you and your family.

silvia_mer 15 pts

I just simply enjoy watching you more than all the other ones.  

BadaBing 36 pts

Thank God for you Lisa.  If it wasn't for you and Brandi, the show would be unwatchable. 

rachannepgh 36 pts

I loved the scene down my the gates, hilarious!  The real relationship of you and Ken is so clear and I love that you both have humor after being married for over 20 years.  Being a newlywed myself, I just love when I see couples still engaging in funny banter, "Darling, I really need my tea"!  The rest of the show was boring in comparison because all the nonsense drama is exhausting, I honestly have no clue how you guys do it on a regular basis - thank god for grounding family and friends!   You have a level head through it all and that is clear to see which also aids you in seeing through the BS and not participating when people are looking for a side.  

DariusX 179 pts



Love you!! you are such a delightful individual... How amazing... You give me butterfly in my stomach... I wish I could meet you. I watch the should because of you... I love how strong, classy and brainy you can be. Hope your husband is doing aok.


I am impressed with how you control yourself in these situation. How can you stand Kyle... GOD what an exhausting person!!!

Kirosebud54 170 pts

Lisa, I never thought I'd be saying this.


You are the one bright spot in the show.  I'd be happy just to watch your show.  I only hope it doesn't become more drama and less authenticity.  Also, more positivity and less negativity.


Anymore, it's hard to watch the show I once loved.  Too much bitterness and hatred and nastiness being spewed.


I can still watch Camille, Yolanda, and you.  Thats about it...maybe Marisa, but her convo with Kyle in the videos section made my stomach kind of turn when she spoke of how flying in coach was a problem for her.  Good Lord.  Crazy stuff.


Anyway, Good luck with your new show!!

Lana 253 pts

Isn't it 'amazing' much 'love' for Lisa and compliments for..being 'classy' and a 'lady' if it is the best things qualifying the person. All Lisa does is defending matter what Brandy is all about. Not a word from Lisa that what Brandy does is very 'uncool' to say the least. Lisa..., the fact that you are aligning yourself with Brandy in my books is qualifying you as 'not classy'. You clearly into Brandy for your own agenda. Brandy has a short fuse and a foul mouth. Brandy Attacks Taylor for making a book while writing her own...yet you are just 'fine' with this attitude. In your books no matter what Brandy does or say or hurt other people, you are on her side. Where is the 'class'? Brandy says terrible things. I think she is making up the lies about Adrienne. She never really verbalizes what in the world Adrienne did to her? Ho, I am Adrienne team. You are doing your quite job to hurt ADRIENNE BY USING BRANDY. I am not sure what in it for Brandy. Must be something you providing her with to be a 'beating' belt toward Adrienne.

laltizio 73 pts

 Lana shut up please, you make no sense.

rachannepgh 36 pts

 Lana did you actually "read" the blog or just skim it?  

regina.pressley 73 pts

 Lana do you even watch the show?? Lisa has reprimanded Brandi a few times for things she says...what Brandi said about Adrienne maybe have been brought out the way it was...but it was true.

regina.pressley 73 pts

 Lana may not have been I meant to say

Stacy1 222 pts

Lana, how much is Adrienne paying you to post comments? 

saltysister45 134 pts

Lana, you are a complete and utter idiot! You obviously have no clue why Lisa sticks to Brandi. should definitely stop watching the show!

resolute2012 75 pts

As always, your blog is a show of calm and peace during a turbulent storm.  Had a good chuckle at Ken playing the demanding patient and whining about his "dahling" fetching his tea and biscuits.  So cute and glad he's mending so quickly (I know you're glad more than any of us).  I'm so glad Brandi has you, she seems so alone when the wolves gang up on her at every function and go after her with their fangs bared.

chatty 186 pts

I love the friendship you and ken have formed with brandi. I hope you both keep it real so you won't lose that. Everyone seems to be picking on brandi like she is nothing. I love her, she is real, she doesn't hold back. Sometimes maybe she should but that makes her who she is, a real person. I am with you on the action of the men at the event. Not one man told paul to quiet. Shame on them

Nebfan22 1463 pts

Wonderful blog dear lady.  Kyle's dinner (no surprise) was an ambush by the hostess and her tacky friend Faye.  It was sickening to see Brandi once again attacked.  That poor girl is alone - I feel very sorry for her.  

bittersweet4 1889 pts

Kyle can dish it out, but can't take it when it is thrown back in her face.  She knew exactly what she was doing when she invited Faye to the dinner party.  These women talk about Brandi & how she gossips, yet Kyle phoned you the very next day to "gossip" about what happened at the Maurcio event.   Faye just took it to another level of stupidity.  Half-way through, I was thinking why isn't Kyle shutting this conversation down, but then why would she when this was her plan. Taylor talks about how Brandi gossips, yet Taylor was running to anyone in her drunken state to share something she had no actual knowledge of & who from what I understand is messing around with a married man. meet house! Adrienne - she seems nice & sweet, yet is dealing with issues of her own identity.  Isn't she the one who said "friends don't sue friends"?  More to the point, who really cares what the big secret is of Paul & Adrienne?  The real tragedy happened in Conneticut & out of all the women of BH, you and another were the only ones to recognize that.  The rest were all busy pointing fingers. That says alot.